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Women in garden (ddr-densho-359-372)
img Women in garden (ddr-densho-359-372)
Michiko Amatatsu and Miyoko Mikami pose while at a Girls' Club Picnic.
My future plan (ddr-csujad-48-17)
doc My future plan (ddr-csujad-48-17)
Term Paper by Michiko Mikami for period III Social Problems class taught by Mr. Harry Bentley Wells, a teacher at Manzanar High School. Michiko focuses on the injustices done to his family and himself in events leading up to and including the mass removal. He mentions that his father was detained by the FBI for several …
Picnic group photogrpah (ddr-densho-359-369)
img Picnic group photogrpah (ddr-densho-359-369)
Japanese American women pose at a Girls' Club Picnic. From left to right: Haruko Furukawa, Miyoko Mikami, Kazuko Amatatsu, Michiko Amatatsu, Emiko Chihara, Elsie Amatatsu
Michiko Wada Interview (ddr-manz-1-162)
vh Michiko Wada Interview (ddr-manz-1-162)
Nisei female. Born in California. Grew up in Watts, California, where parents ran a grocery business. During World War II, removed to the Manzanar concentration camp, California. After the so-called "loyalty questionnaire," transferred to the Tule Lake concentration camp, California. After leaving camp, returned to Los Angeles.