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Kara Kondo Interview (ddr-densho-1000-139)
vh Kara Kondo Interview (ddr-densho-1000-139)
Nisei female. Born May 24, 1916, in the Yakima valley, Washington, and spent childhood in Wapato, Washington. Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, removed to the North Portland Assembly Center, Oregon, and then to the Heart Mountain concentration camp, Wyoming. Was on the staff of the camp newspaper, the Heart Mountain Sentinel. Left camp for Chicago, …
Heart Mountain Fire Department (ddr-densho-363-30)
img Heart Mountain Fire Department (ddr-densho-363-30)
A poster of the Heart Mountain Fire Department in 1944 including the Inspection Bureau, Platoon A, Platoon B, and Platoon C.
Heart Mountain Sentinel Vol. I No. 1 (October 24, 1942) (ddr-densho-97-99)
doc Heart Mountain Sentinel Vol. I No. 1 (October 24, 1942) (ddr-densho-97-99)
Selected article titles: "Residents to Name Charter Delegates" (p. 1), "Heart Mountain Inspires Name for New Project Newspaper" (p. 1), "Griffin Warns Reckless Drivers" (p. 1), "First Copies Sent Roosevelt, Myer" (p. 1), "Two Cases Tried by Heart Mountain Court" (p. 2), "Residents Warned of Bogus Wardens" (p. 2), "USO Plans for Center Under Way" (p. …