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Family on their farm (ddr-densho-153-16)
img Family on their farm (ddr-densho-153-16)
Amy Matsushita and parents Kyoko Amitani Matsushita and Yasutaro Matsushita.
Family portrait (ddr-densho-153-1)
img Family portrait (ddr-densho-153-1)
Front (L to R): Mrs. Hirano, Amy Matsushita, Kara Matsushita, Kyoko Amitani Matsushita. Back: Mr. Hirano, Mr. Tomita, Yasutaro Matsushita.
Family in front of barracks (ddr-densho-153-7)
img Family in front of barracks (ddr-densho-153-7)
(Left to right): Jim Nose, Amy (Matsushita) Nose, Mrs. Kondo, Kara (Matsushita) Kondo, Mr. Kondo, Kyoko and Yasutaro Matsushita.
Family farm (ddr-densho-153-12)
img Family farm (ddr-densho-153-12)
Matsushita family with their farmhands. Front (L to R): Yasutaro, Kara, unknown. Back: Kyoko Matsushita, unknown, Amy, Marjorie, unknown.
Uncle and niece in a field (ddr-densho-153-2)
img Uncle and niece in a field (ddr-densho-153-2)
Amy Matsushita, born 1915, and her Uncle Shaw (father's brother).
Three sisters (ddr-densho-153-10)
img Three sisters (ddr-densho-153-10)
Amy, Kara and Marjorie Matsushita in front of their home.
Family photo in Japan (ddr-densho-102-1)
img Family photo in Japan (ddr-densho-102-1)
Matsushita family on visit to Japan. Front (L to R): Kara's grandmother (Yasutaro's mother), Amy, Kara, mother (Kiyako). Back (L to R): Kara's father (Yasutaro), cousin (name unknown).
Third grade class (ddr-densho-174-5)
img Third grade class (ddr-densho-174-5)
Bellevue School. Teacher: Mrs. Louise Carlson. Top row (L to R): Muriel Sandfords, Helen Seniors, Irma Williams, Kathleen McCreary, Vivian Drummond, Haruko Arakami, unknown, Stuart Groves, Helen Hardman, Clarence Johnson. Middle row: Mary Suda, Aiko Suguro, Ruty Blye, Marguerite Shafer, Helen (last name unknown), Josephine Snow, Ruth Studebaker, Dorothy Collins, Sadie Waham, Gertrude Henchel, Thelma Grosvenor, …
Amache Reunion materials folder (ddr-densho-390-140)
doc Amache Reunion materials folder (ddr-densho-390-140)
An Amache reunion materials folder with an itinerary printed on the inside.