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Work-leave crew (ddr-densho-5-8)
img Work-leave crew (ddr-densho-5-8)
Japanese Americans harvesting sugar beets on the Lundeen farm. The Tom Matsuoka family relocated permanently to Montana. Other workers were from Tule Lake concentration camp who received permission to leave during the sugar beet harvest. Front (left to right): Ray Marks, Gus Lundeen, and John Matsuzawa. Back: Rulee Matsuoka (child on far left), unidentified, Itaro Ito, …
Rae Takekawa Interview (ddr-densho-1000-89)
vh Rae Takekawa Interview (ddr-densho-1000-89)
Sansei female. Born August 27, 1927, in Bellevue, Washington. Raised on the family farm in Bellevue, Washington, prior to World War II. Was incarcerated at the Pinedale Assembly Center, California, and Tule Lake concentration camp, California. Was released early to harvest sugar beets in Chinook, Montana. At the onset of World War II, her father was …
Memoirs 1943 - Minidoka High School Yearbook (ddr-densho-474-48)
doc Memoirs 1943 - Minidoka High School Yearbook (ddr-densho-474-48)
Yearbook for the Minidoka High School, property of Starr Urakawa. The school included grades 8-12. Individual students are photographed in senior portraits or class photos. Student activities are represented, including student labor/work experience program ("part-time workers"), May Day royalty, and sports. Student signatures are included throughout the book.