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Kikue Isobe Interview (ddr-densho-400-9)
av Kikue Isobe Interview (ddr-densho-400-9)
Kikue Isobe was born on September 25, 1920, in Brawley, California. She was one of three children to Fukuichi and Sei Nishimoto. Her father was a foreman for a cantaloupe and honeydew grower in Brawley. Kikue grew up mainly in Brawley. When the war broke out she and her family were relocated to the Poston concentration …
Harold Takashi Kobata Interview (ddr-densho-400-12)
av Harold Takashi Kobata Interview (ddr-densho-400-12)
Harold Takashi Kobata was born on April 5, 1926, in Gardena, California. He grew up in Gardena where his uncle, mother and older brothers ran a flower nursery. The family moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, during World War II, where Kobata worked as a gardener while attending high school. After the war the family returned …