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img "RTC 208 B Company, Camp Blanding Florida, Aug. - Dec. 1944" (ddr-densho-201-403)
Caption on reverse: "Property of Masao Sakagami. Nob [?] Sakagami [illegible] #34. RTC 208 B Company, Camp Blanding Florida, Aug. - Dec. 1944. 1st row: 1. Nukaya, 2. [unidentified], 3. Enro Okada, 4. [unidentified], 5. Shig Matsukawa, 6. Joe Matsuzaki, 7. Mitsuru Sakurada, 8. Tamio Sakata, 9. Satoru Sakuma, 10. Ishida, 11. ?? Sakuma. 2nd: 1. …
Walnut Grove reunion program (ddr-densho-390-42)
doc Walnut Grove reunion program (ddr-densho-390-42)
A program for the 1981 Walnut Grove reunion with the schedule of events, directory, boosters, advertisements, and more. The Matsuoka family is listed on page 66 of the directory and as boosters on page 78. Toshio Matsuoka is listed on page 40 as responsible for posters.
Reveille Volume 1, Number 1 (ddr-densho-390-133)
doc Reveille Volume 1, Number 1 (ddr-densho-390-133)
The inaugural issue of Reveille includes articles about the Scout Christmas party, athletic and outdoor events, scout number changes, Lil' Neebo illustrator Chris Ishii, a call to join the scouts, a short story, and more. One article mentions 14 boy scouts saved a flag from a mob during the Manzanar riot.