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Domoto Family induction program (ddr-densho-329-843)
doc Domoto Family induction program (ddr-densho-329-843)
Program from the award presentation and induction of the Domoto family into the California Floriculture Hall of Fame, presented by the Kee Kitayama Research Foundation and the California Ornamental Research Foundation. Program includes a schedule of events, a two-page history of the Domoto family's nursery and its impact on the floriculture industry, and credits to event …
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 48, No. 7 (February 13, 1959) (ddr-pc-31-7)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 48, No. 7 (February 13, 1959) (ddr-pc-31-7)
Selected article titles: "Native Son leader of 1941-42 addresses Oakland JACL inaugural" (p. 1), "Calif. State Senate Urges Hawaii Statehood" (p. 1), "For longevity--eat sashimi and ripe tomatoes, said Issei who lived till 101" (p. 2), "Racial bias at bar hit in California measure" (p. 2), "Nisei medico reports diagnosis of flu during epidemic half right, …
Scrapbook for Fremont JACL (ddr-densho-491-175)
doc Scrapbook for Fremont JACL (ddr-densho-491-175)
Containing photos, meeting notes, document related to special events, membership lists, social events from 1969 and 1972.
Memoirs 1943 - Minidoka High School Yearbook (ddr-densho-474-48)
doc Memoirs 1943 - Minidoka High School Yearbook (ddr-densho-474-48)
Yearbook for the Minidoka High School, property of Starr Urakawa. The school included grades 8-12. Individual students are photographed in senior portraits or class photos. Student activities are represented, including student labor/work experience program ("part-time workers"), May Day royalty, and sports. Student signatures are included throughout the book.