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Densho eNews, February 2009 (ddr-densho-431-29)
doc Densho eNews, February 2009 (ddr-densho-431-29)
Article titles: "From the Director," "From the Archive: Frontier Colonies or Concentration Camps? Euphemisms for the Incarceration," "Densho News: Executive Director Meets Japanese Diplomats," "A New Chapter for a Key Densho Employee," "Densho Poll: Do You See Us?," "Archive Feature: Look Inside the Archive: A Minidoka Teacher," "National News and Events: Pinedale Day of Remembrance Observance," …
Hood River Japanese community band (ddr-densho-259-319)
img Hood River Japanese community band (ddr-densho-259-319)
Caption by Homer Yasui: "The Hood River Japanese community band--or maybe it was the Hood River Japanese Methodist Church Band I think that LeRoy Burns used to lead this band and maybe later on it was a Mr. Savo, but in this picture, neither of them are pictured. This was taken on the wooden front steps …
Heart Mountain Sentinel Vol. I No. 1 (October 24, 1942) (ddr-densho-97-99)
doc Heart Mountain Sentinel Vol. I No. 1 (October 24, 1942) (ddr-densho-97-99)
Selected article titles: "Residents to Name Charter Delegates" (p. 1), "Heart Mountain Inspires Name for New Project Newspaper" (p. 1), "Griffin Warns Reckless Drivers" (p. 1), "First Copies Sent Roosevelt, Myer" (p. 1), "Two Cases Tried by Heart Mountain Court" (p. 2), "Residents Warned of Bogus Wardens" (p. 2), "USO Plans for Center Under Way" (p. …
Memoirs 1943 - Minidoka High School Yearbook (ddr-densho-474-48)
doc Memoirs 1943 - Minidoka High School Yearbook (ddr-densho-474-48)
Yearbook for the Minidoka High School, property of Starr Urakawa. The school included grades 8-12. Individual students are photographed in senior portraits or class photos. Student activities are represented, including student labor/work experience program ("part-time workers"), May Day royalty, and sports. Student signatures are included throughout the book.