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Ami Kinoshita Collection (ddr-densho-322)
Collection Ami Kinoshita Collection (ddr-densho-322)
The Ami Kinoshita Collection is comprised of nine photographs from the family's personal collection. These photos, mostly taken in pre-war era, depict Ami Kinoshita's wedding day, honeymoon, and her family in Oregon and Washington. One photo was taken at Minidoka.

Narrator Ami Kinoshita

Nisei female. Born October 3, 1919, in Enumclaw, Washington. Family moved to Nahcotta, Washington, and ran an oyster farm. Married prior to World War II and lived on husband's family's farm in Gresham, Oregon. During the war, removed to the Portland Assembly Center, Oregon, and the Minidoka concentration camp, Idaho. After leaving camp, returned to Gresham.