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Photo of Ryo Morikawa in kimono (ddr-densho-446-429)
img Photo of Ryo Morikawa in kimono (ddr-densho-446-429)
Ryo traveled to Japan with her mother in July 1940 and then stayed to attend Keisen Jogaku-En (two-year program). (circa 1940 or 1941)
Keisen 50th Anniversary Brochure (ddr-densho-446-433)
doc Keisen 50th Anniversary Brochure (ddr-densho-446-433)
Ryo is in the 1941 Picture of Nisei Graduates, second row, third from left on Page 4. She had another year of study to graduate but decided to leave Japan in June 1941 for fear of being stranded there if war broke out. (1979)
Saji Kanesawa's Recollections (ddr-densho-446-434)
doc Saji Kanesawa's Recollections (ddr-densho-446-434)
Article about Keisen years (1939-41) written by Ryo's Keisen classmate and later Seattle friend (written 1994)
Ryo Morikawa Recollections (ddr-densho-446-349)
doc Ryo Morikawa Recollections (ddr-densho-446-349)
Autobiography: Ryo's parents, Life in San Diego, 11 months in Japan, Evacuation, Married Life