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Two Issei women (ddr-densho-166-17)
img Two Issei women (ddr-densho-166-17)
This postcard depicts a portrait of a Nisei woman and her niece. The aunt, Yone Kaita, was an owner of the Maneki Restaurant in Seattle, Washington. She sponsored her niece, Masaye, to come to the U.S. to waitress at the restaurant.
Wedding party (ddr-densho-166-6)
img Wedding party (ddr-densho-166-6)
This wedding took place at the Japanese Baptist Church in Seattle and was performed by pastor Fukumatsu Okazaki. Back row (L to R): Iwasuke Kaita, Kambe, Kunizo, Masaye, Tamayo Funai, Yone Kaita.
Woman standing in Maneki Garden (ddr-densho-166-4)
img Woman standing in Maneki Garden (ddr-densho-166-4)
The garden of the Maneki restaurant in Seattle, owned and operated by an Issei couple, Kida and Yone (usually known as Oshizu) Iwasauke. The restaurant was established prior to World War II, and is still in operation today. Pictured is Masaye Mayeno, the niece of Yone Kaita. Yone invited Masaye to come to the U.S. and …