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Telegram concerning parole (ddr-densho-314-27)
doc Telegram concerning parole (ddr-densho-314-27)
Loyd Jensen sends a telegram to the Immigration and Naturalization Service in Chicago stating that Kazuichi Takanishi has no sponsor. A sponsor was a person living outside the western exclusion zone that agreed to house Japanese internees after being paroled from the camps.
Letter from Tatsuya Ichikawa to Loyd H. Jenson (ddr-densho-258-204)
doc Letter from Tatsuya Ichikawa to Loyd H. Jenson (ddr-densho-258-204)
Tatsuya Ichikawa writes to Loyd H. Jensen the Officer in Charge of the Sante Fe Department of Justice Internment Camp. Ichikawa requests to be given temporary parole so he could travel to Minidoka concentration camp to help his family. His two youngest children were hospitalized. A post-it note written by Satoru Ichikawa attached to the letter …