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Bukkyo Seinenkai (ddr-densho-38-5)
img Bukkyo Seinenkai (ddr-densho-38-5)
The Bukkyo Seinenkai marked the beginning of the Seattle Buddhist Church. It was established by Chojiro Fujii and Jiro Iwamura on November 15, 1901, to meet the varied needs of Issei immigrants. By 1902, this small house at 624 Main Street in Seattle's Nihonmachi was being rented for church services. The Seattle Buddhist Church, now known …
Lotus basketball team (ddr-densho-38-27)
img Lotus basketball team (ddr-densho-38-27)
This basketball team was affiliated with the Seattle Buddhist Temple. Front, left to right: Kats Nakayama, Kats Iwamura, Hachiro Matsuzari, Art Suzuki, and unidentified. Back left to right: Yoshito Fujii (manager), Nobie Saito, unidentified, and Jiro Sakano.
2nd National Young Buddhist convention (ddr-sbbt-3-10)
img 2nd National Young Buddhist convention (ddr-sbbt-3-10)
Group photograph of the Second National Young Buddhist convention attendees.