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Frank Endo Interview (ddr-densho-400-1)
av Frank Endo Interview (ddr-densho-400-1)
Frank Endo was born in Wilmington, California, on April 20,1923, and grew up on Terminal Island, California. He taught gymnastics at Santa Anita, California, Race Track and at the concentration camp in Amache, Colorado, where he was imprisoned. Endo worked in Chicago during WWII and served in the U.S. Army's Military Intelligence Service. He participated in …
George Joji Tenpo Interview (ddr-densho-400-22)
av George Joji Tenpo Interview (ddr-densho-400-22)
George Tenpo was born on May 28, 1923, in Compton, California. His parents were Hyoichi and Shizue Tenpo. His father was a farmer in Harbor City and his mother was a housewife. During World War II, George and his family were sent to the Santa Anita Assembly Center and the Jerome concentration camp, Arkansas. After the …