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The Iinos at 442nd Reunion (ddr-densho-368-702)
img The Iinos at 442nd Reunion (ddr-densho-368-702)
The caption on the back of the photograph reads "Mom & Dad in Hawaii for 442nd reunion".
Company A 51st Battalion (ddr-densho-368-626)
img Company A 51st Battalion (ddr-densho-368-626)
A panoramic photograph of Company A 51st Battalion on April 10, 1942 by Harris Foto in Little Rock Arkansas. Bill Iino is in the second row 12th from left.
Man Blowing out Candles (ddr-densho-368-618)
img Man Blowing out Candles (ddr-densho-368-618)
The inscription on the back of the photo reads "To Billy From Billy-O".
Group Photograph (ddr-densho-368-605)
img Group Photograph (ddr-densho-368-605)
The inscription on the photo reads "To mom, Billie".
William Tamio
doc William Tamio "Bill" Iino Biography (ddr-densho-368-628)
A small biography of Bill Iino concentrating on his service in the army during World War II.