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Group on deck of ship (ddr-densho-356-29)
img Group on deck of ship (ddr-densho-356-29)
Photograph of a group of 12 people on the deck of the Tokyo Tatuta Maru. Identified left to right front row: unknown, grandma Hirai. Middle row: George Hirai, Yoneo, David Hirai, unknown, Mrs. Hideo Okada, Yone Narumi, Richard Tsukada. Back row: unknown, unknown, unknown.
Tsukada family on Easter (ddr-densho-443-79)
img Tsukada family on Easter (ddr-densho-443-79)
Photograph of the Tsukada family in front of a car on Easter in 1952. From left to right: Kenneth Tsukada, Yuriko (Domoto) Tsukada, Michael Tsukada, Richard "Rickie" Kenji Tsukada, and David Hirai. Written below the image on the album page is "With David Hirai - D's [Richard "Dick" Tsukada] 3rd sis's 2nd Son. Easter 1952" in …
At a park (ddr-densho-356-27)
img At a park (ddr-densho-356-27)
Richard Tsukada posing for the camera at a Park in Tokyo. Inscribed on the back: "at a park in Tokyo Japan 1939 or 1940."
Richard Tsukada sitting on rock above water (ddr-densho-356-24)
img Richard Tsukada sitting on rock above water (ddr-densho-356-24)
Photograph of Richard Tsukada sitting a on a rock above water. Inscribed on the back: "Somewhere in Japan whereabouts unknown."
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 48, No. 21 (May 22, 1959) (ddr-pc-31-21)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 48, No. 21 (May 22, 1959) (ddr-pc-31-21)
Selected article titles: "Justice Dept. admits 'mistake' of evacuation. Remarks made at ceremony ending administrative program for renunciants" (p. 1), "Lack of civil rights in U.S. seen as threat to world peace" (p. 1), "Tule Lake WRA camp on the block for sale to bidder" (p. 1), "Mas Yamashita first Idaho Nisei named to Military Academy" …