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Playing outside (ddr-densho-391-7)
img Playing outside (ddr-densho-391-7)
Photograph of Kiyoko (Maeda) Yoshioka with her daughter Hatsuko Mary (Yoshioka) Higuchi outside. Hatsuko is seated on a scooter and Kiyoko is knelt beside her.
Hatsuko Mary Higuchi Interview (ddr-densho-1000-456)
vh Hatsuko Mary Higuchi Interview (ddr-densho-1000-456)
Nisei female. Born January 31, 1939, in Los Angeles County, California. At a young age, removed to the Poston concentration camp, Arizona, with family. After leaving camp, returned to family's farm in Lawndale, California. Father passed away early, leaving her mother to run the farm. Hatsuko Mary became a teacher, establishing an education career in Torrance, …
Letter to Mrs. Jones from Mary H. Yoshioka (ddr-densho-391-1)
doc Letter to Mrs. Jones from Mary H. Yoshioka (ddr-densho-391-1)
Letter to Mrs. Jones from Mary H. (Yoshioka) Higuchi. In the letter Mary provides a detailed biography of her life and why that has informed her desire to become a teacher.
Kindergarten class at Poston (ddr-densho-391-23)
img Kindergarten class at Poston (ddr-densho-391-23)
Photograph of a Kindergarden class at Poston. Hatsuko Mary (Yoshioka) Higuchi is in the middle row on the far right, Etsuko Yoshioka in the front row on the far right.
Yoshioka children (ddr-densho-391-73)
img Yoshioka children (ddr-densho-391-73)
Photograph of the 4 Yoshioka children dressed in kimonos. From left to right: Betty, Tetsuo, Mitzi and Mary. Written on the back "Circa 1953 Yoshioka children Betty, Tetsuo, Mitzi, Mary.
Family Photo in Poston (ddr-densho-391-22)
img Family Photo in Poston (ddr-densho-391-22)
Photograph of Kiyoko (Maeda) Yoshioka with her four children, Betty, Mitzi, Mary, and Tetsuo, and one of their friends (on the far right) inside Poston.
Family portrait (ddr-densho-391-28)
img Family portrait (ddr-densho-391-28)
Professional portrait of the Yoshioka family. Seated is Kiyoko (Maeda) Yoshioka. Children left to right: Mitzi, Betty, Mary and Tetsuo