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Hayward greenhouse (ddr-densho-357-597)
img Hayward greenhouse (ddr-densho-357-597)
Hanako Terakawa's caption: "Stockton church members came to say goodbye at Hayward."
Puppy (ddr-densho-357-156)
img Puppy (ddr-densho-357-156)
Teddy, a puppy, sits outside in the sun. Hanako Yoshioka's caption: "Our puppy."
Hiroko and Tadaichi (ddr-densho-357-315)
img Hiroko and Tadaichi (ddr-densho-357-315)
Hiroko Terakawa, nineteen months old, is held by her grandfather, Tadaichi Yoshioka. Hanako Yoshioka Terakawa's caption: "dad and Hiroko."
Boiler house (ddr-densho-357-38)
img Boiler house (ddr-densho-357-38)
The Yoshioka's boiler house sits on their farmland in Hayward.
Mary Nabori (ddr-densho-357-69)
img Mary Nabori (ddr-densho-357-69)
Mary Nabori wears a uniform consisting of a skirt and blazer.
Smiling child (ddr-densho-357-54)
img Smiling child (ddr-densho-357-54)
An unnamed child lies on the ground and smiles.
Hanako at the greenhouses (ddr-densho-357-52)
img Hanako at the greenhouses (ddr-densho-357-52)
Hanako Yoshioka and an unnamed girl stand in a field outside of a greenhouse.
Fujii Family (ddr-densho-357-370)
img Fujii Family (ddr-densho-357-370)
Left to right: Mary Fujii, Sally Fujii, Hanako Fujii, Kimiki (last name unknown), Sumi (last name unknown).
Yoshioka residence (ddr-densho-357-668)
img Yoshioka residence (ddr-densho-357-668)
Hanako Terakawa's caption: "25059 Soto Road, Hayward, Calif. Yoshioka Residence 1935."
Masaru Yoshioka (ddr-densho-357-671)
img Masaru Yoshioka (ddr-densho-357-671)
Hanako Terakawa's caption for this photograph of her brother: "Masaru Yoshioka, Born 1918, Hayward, Calif."
Yoshioka Family (ddr-densho-357-676)
img Yoshioka Family (ddr-densho-357-676)
Hanako Terakawa's caption: "In front of garage, Ford Roadster or touring car." Left to right: George Yoshioka, Hanako Yoshioka, Yukie Yoshioka, Giichi Yoshioka (in driver's seat), Masaru Yoshioka, Yoni Yoshioka, Tadaichi Yoshioka.
Terakawa family (ddr-densho-357-399)
img Terakawa family (ddr-densho-357-399)
Left to right: Shigeru Terakawa, Tansai Terakawa, Hiroko Terakawa, Reverend Terakawa, Hiroshi Terakawa, Mrs. Terakawa, Tadaichi Yoshioka.
Greenhouses in Hayward (ddr-densho-357-27)
img Greenhouses in Hayward (ddr-densho-357-27)
Greenhouses in Hayward are bordered by well-maintained fields and utilize a windmill and a tall water tank.
Dr. Fisher (ddr-densho-357-77)
img Dr. Fisher (ddr-densho-357-77)
Hanako Yoshioka's caption: "Dr. Fisher, Dentist."
Greenhouse (ddr-densho-357-250)
img Greenhouse (ddr-densho-357-250)
Plants are supported by strings inside of a greenhouse at the Yoshioka nursery.
Friends in the backyard (ddr-densho-357-72)
img Friends in the backyard (ddr-densho-357-72)
Left to right: Frank Araki, Mitsui Mizakuchi, Rose Negi.
Fujii Family (ddr-densho-357-369)
img Fujii Family (ddr-densho-357-369)
Left to right in back: Mary Fujii, Sally Fujii, Hanako Fujii, Kimiki (last name unknown), Sumi (last name unknown). Hiroko Terakawa stands in front of the group.
Yoshioka Family (ddr-densho-357-675)
img Yoshioka Family (ddr-densho-357-675)
Left to right: Yoshioka, Hanako; Yoshioka, Yoni; Yoshioka, Masaru (in front); Yoshioka, Yukie; Yoshioka, Tadaichi (in front); Yoshioka, Giichi; Yoshioka, George.
Hanako Yoshioka (ddr-densho-357-43)
img Hanako Yoshioka (ddr-densho-357-43)
Hanako Yoshioka sits in the grass and laughs for the camera. Hanako captioned this album page: "Hayward High School 1925."