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Crooked house (ddr-densho-357-283)
img Crooked house (ddr-densho-357-283)
Hanako Terakawa's joking caption: "Crooked house, eh what?"
Carnation greenhouse (ddr-densho-357-724)
img Carnation greenhouse (ddr-densho-357-724)
Carnations grow in a greenhouse at the Yoshioka nursery in Hayward.
Yoshioka nursery (ddr-densho-357-672)
img Yoshioka nursery (ddr-densho-357-672)
Hanako Terakawa's caption: "Yoshioka nursery. Greenhouses and water tank."
Virginia and Clarshen (ddr-densho-357-42)
img Virginia and Clarshen (ddr-densho-357-42)
Virginia Hager and Clarshen Boehm sit on the grass to pose for the camera. Hanako Yoshioka Terakawa captioned this album page: "Hayward High School 1925."
Giichi Yoshioka (ddr-densho-357-279)
img Giichi Yoshioka (ddr-densho-357-279)
Giichi Yoshioka stands in front of a car in the garage.
Miss Peterson and Miss Sullivan (ddr-densho-357-51)
img Miss Peterson and Miss Sullivan (ddr-densho-357-51)
Left to right: Miss Peterson and Miss Sullivan stand on the grassy lawn in front of a school building.
Hanako Yoshioka (ddr-densho-357-303)
img Hanako Yoshioka (ddr-densho-357-303)
Hanako Yoshioka poses for a professional high school graduation photo.
Hanako and brother (ddr-densho-357-29)
img Hanako and brother (ddr-densho-357-29)
Hanako Yoshioka sits next to her younger brother at the bottom of a flight of wooden stairs. Hanako's caption: "Kid brother and me."
Orchard (ddr-densho-357-106)
img Orchard (ddr-densho-357-106)
Four unidentified people sit on the back of a car in an orchard. Original caption is illegible.
Hayward greenhouse (ddr-densho-357-598)
img Hayward greenhouse (ddr-densho-357-598)
Hanako Terakawa's caption: "Stockton church members came to say goodbye at Hayward."
Nobuye Tani (ddr-densho-357-305)
img Nobuye Tani (ddr-densho-357-305)
Nobuye Tani gifted a professional portrait to Hanako Yoshioka. Nobuye's caption: "To Dearest Hanako, With best wishes, Nobuye Tani."
Giichi Yoshioka (ddr-densho-357-225)
img Giichi Yoshioka (ddr-densho-357-225)
Giichi Yoshioka prepares for high school. Hanako Terakawa's caption: "Gii, Hayward Hi."
Hanako at high school (ddr-densho-357-49)
img Hanako at high school (ddr-densho-357-49)
Hanako Yoshioka stands in front of Hayward High School.
George Yoshioka (ddr-densho-357-670)
img George Yoshioka (ddr-densho-357-670)
Hanako Terakawa's caption for this photograph of her brother: "Giichi Yoshioka, Born 1916, Hayward, Calif."
Snow in Hayward (ddr-densho-357-446)
img Snow in Hayward (ddr-densho-357-446)
Hanako Terakawa's caption: "Snow, what a sight for our eyes."
Mary Nabori (ddr-densho-357-69)
img Mary Nabori (ddr-densho-357-69)
Mary Nabori wears a uniform consisting of a skirt and blazer.
Smiling child (ddr-densho-357-54)
img Smiling child (ddr-densho-357-54)
An unnamed child lies on the ground and smiles.
Hanako at the greenhouses (ddr-densho-357-52)
img Hanako at the greenhouses (ddr-densho-357-52)
Hanako Yoshioka and an unnamed girl stand in a field outside of a greenhouse.
Fujii Family (ddr-densho-357-370)
img Fujii Family (ddr-densho-357-370)
Left to right: Mary Fujii, Sally Fujii, Hanako Fujii, Kimiki (last name unknown), Sumi (last name unknown).