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Mass removal (ddr-densho-36-22)
img Mass removal (ddr-densho-36-22)
Fumi Hayashida holding her sleeping daughter, Natalie.
Two children leaving camp (ddr-densho-34-43)
img Two children leaving camp (ddr-densho-34-43)
Cousins Jane Kitamoto (left) and Natalie Hayashida.
Three Girl Scouts (ddr-densho-61-4)
img Three Girl Scouts (ddr-densho-61-4)
Three girls in Brownie uniforms. L to R: Natalie (Hayashida) Ong, Jane (Kitamoto) Akita, Susan (Hayashida) Fujita.
Japanese Americans on a bridge (ddr-densho-34-74)
img Japanese Americans on a bridge (ddr-densho-34-74)
Shigeko Kitamoto, Felix Narte, Cion Narte, Jane Kitamoto, Natalie Hayashida and Fumiko Hayashida at the opening of the Agate Pass Bridge.
Japanese Americans in camp before departure (ddr-densho-34-44)
img Japanese Americans in camp before departure (ddr-densho-34-44)
Mrs. Fumiko Hayashida, with Takamono (first name unknown), Frank Kitamoto, Neil Hayashida, Atmoto Tanaguchi, Jane Kitamoto, an unidentified child and Natalie Hayashida, before their departure from Minidoka concentration camp.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer (ddr-densho-446-451)
doc Seattle Post-Intelligencer (ddr-densho-446-451)
Selected articles: Seattle woman's saga captured in photo (p.1-2); Club Asia (p. 2)