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Obon Festival Dance Rehearsal (ddr-one-1-308)
img Obon Festival Dance Rehearsal (ddr-one-1-308)
Black and white photographic negative of Obon dancers rehearsing an Odori folk dance in front of a small audience inside Norse Hall. Obon dancers from left to right: Mr. Tsujimura, Dennis Kasubuchi, Masa Maekawa, Kojiro Yoshida, unidentified, and Ben Kasubuchi Jr. First row of audience: Josephine Kato, Minoru "Bob" Ando, Roberta Ando, and Sakae (Fujii) Ando. …
Class of 1938 Electrical Engineers (ddr-densho-287-690)
img Class of 1938 Electrical Engineers (ddr-densho-287-690)
Group photograph of 26 men. The image is of the Oregon State College (not Oregon State University) Electrical Engineering Class of 1938. Written on the image are the numbers 1-26. Identified: 1 Bob Welty 2 Milton Maeda 3 Fred Clausen 4 Vic Carson 5 Dan Smith 6 Dav Fulton 7 Dav Cox 8 Phil Brownell 9 …
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 65, No. 21 (November 24, 1967) (ddr-pc-39-48)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 65, No. 21 (November 24, 1967) (ddr-pc-39-48)
Selected article titles: "New NIMH Grant of $118,000 Assures Continuance of Issei History Project" (p. 1), "Nisei Editor Quits Over Negro Issue: Charges College Administration Kills Free Press" (p. 1), "L.A. museum to show photos of Japanese town" (p. 1), "All-Oriental human relations council forms in Los Angeles" (p. 1), "Deportation of Unwanted Alien Upheld: Japanese …