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Five siblings (ddr-densho-130-5)
img Five siblings (ddr-densho-130-5)
(L to R): Mitsu, Toshiko, George, Frank, Henry Fukano.
Group gathering at the beach (ddr-densho-136-7)
img Group gathering at the beach (ddr-densho-136-7)
Back row (L to R): Chuck Kambe, Henry Shimizu, Teruo Tada, Aya Tanagi, Satoko Abe, Toshiko Fukano, George Fukano. Front row (L to R): Kaun Abe, Nobuo Tanagi, Mae Shimizu, George Tanagi, Sayo Tanagi, Ko Abe, Mac Sasaki.
Green Lake Judo Team (ddr-densho-136-38)
img Green Lake Judo Team (ddr-densho-136-38)
Green Lake Dojo was established in 1932. Classes were held twice a week at the Community Hall in North Seattle. The mass removal of Japanese Americans from Seattle forced Green Lake Dojo to close in 1942. Back row (L to R): Sumio Mochizuki, Akira Kumasaka. Fifth row (L to R): Mr. Tanagi, unidentified, Kiyoshi Tada, Mr. …
Green Lake championship baseball team (ddr-densho-136-36)
img Green Lake championship baseball team (ddr-densho-136-36)
This Green Lake Baseball Team beat White River 19-18 to win the 1934 Fourth of July Baseball Tournament. Back row (L to R): Mr. Kanno, Grandpa Mochizuki, Mr. Hayashi, Mr. Kawachi, Mr. Shimizu, Mr. Ito, Mr. Fukano, Mr. Yamada, Sumio Mochizuki (utility), Naoshi Kumagai (outfield), Mr. Y. Kumasaka, Mr. Tada, Mr. Tanagi, Mr. S. Kumasaka, Mr. …
Memoirs 1943 - Minidoka High School Yearbook (ddr-densho-474-48)
doc Memoirs 1943 - Minidoka High School Yearbook (ddr-densho-474-48)
Yearbook for the Minidoka High School, property of Starr Urakawa. The school included grades 8-12. Individual students are photographed in senior portraits or class photos. Student activities are represented, including student labor/work experience program ("part-time workers"), May Day royalty, and sports. Student signatures are included throughout the book.