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Soldier (ddr-densho-201-500)
img Soldier (ddr-densho-201-500)
Caption in album: "Carl Fujimoto / Seattle."
Group of soldiers (ddr-densho-201-526)
img Group of soldiers (ddr-densho-201-526)
Back row, left to right: Ed Iwataki, Harry Inakai, Jone Koshiba, Geo. Sakata, Carl Fujimoto, Shiroma, Roy Fujihara, Thomas Fujimoto. Front row, left to right: Satoji, Arisumi, Masao Sakagami, Laverne Kuwahara, Kiyoshi, Sanuki, Tom Kobayakawa.
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 48, No. 18 (May 1, 1959) (ddr-pc-31-18)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 48, No. 18 (May 1, 1959) (ddr-pc-31-18)
Selected article titles: "Fair Housing Act in Colorado out on shaky start" (p. 1), "Calif. fair housing bill pending in Senate committee" (p. 1), "Aged Issei dies without known survivors, had refused to make will leaving $50,000" (p. 1), "Racial differences noted in attack of cancer, Japanese high in stomach cases" (p. 2), "New York telecasting …