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Group photo (ddr-densho-443-154)
img Group photo (ddr-densho-443-154)
Photograph of a large group of 7 adults and 3 children outside a house. Back row left to right: Richard "Dick" Tsukada, Hanako Fujii, unidentified, Sally (Fujii) Domoto, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified. Front row left to right: Miki Domoto, Kathie Domoto, Anyo Domoto. Written on the bottom of the image is "Fall 1950" in blue ink.
Domoto 1953 Christmas card (ddr-densho-443-143)
img Domoto 1953 Christmas card (ddr-densho-443-143)
Photo card of Kaneji and Sally Domoto's family. From top to bottom is Krissy Domoto, Kathie Domoto, Anyo Domoto, Miki Domoto, Sally (Fujii) Domoto, and Kaneji Domoto. Written at the bottom of the card is "Do you actually mean that I'm getting a subscription to 'Sunset'. Something I've wanted to get for years. Sincerely, Kan" in …
At the Bronx Zoo (ddr-densho-443-25)
img At the Bronx Zoo (ddr-densho-443-25)
Photograph of the Riusaki family with their niece and nephew at the Bronx Zoo. Identified from left to right, front row: Terasu Riusaki, Anyo Domoto, and Mikiko Domoto. Identified left to right middle row: Masayoshi Riusaki, Kayoko Riusaki, and Sonoko (Domoto) Riusaki. Identified in the back row is Kichigoro Riusaki. Written on the album page to …