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Bando family in Manchuria (ddr-densho-494-41)
img Bando family in Manchuria (ddr-densho-494-41)
Photograph of the Densaburo (Muraki) Bando with his three children, Takahashi Bando, Tadao Bando, and Katsumi Bando. Caption on website: "Brother in Manchuria / After the Russo-Japanese War (1905), Japan took over Russia's influence in Manchuria. To exploit the badly needed resources Japan needed from Manchuria, it sent Japanese citizens to colonize the area. One of …
Muraki Family portrait (ddr-densho-494-44)
img Muraki Family portrait (ddr-densho-494-44)
Back row left to right: Torayoshi (Muraki) Maida, Matsue Uranishi, Tomohei Muraki, and Densaburo (Muraki) Bando. Front row left to right: Hamae Nakagoshi, Katsuno Sumiya, and Kuma Kishida. Caption on website: "Saying goodbye to Japan / After accepting the offer of marriage from the Maida family, Torayoshi spent some time at his family home in Kebara." …