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The Northwest Times Vol. 3 No. 42 (May 25, 1949) (ddr-densho-229-209)
doc The Northwest Times Vol. 3 No. 42 (May 25, 1949) (ddr-densho-229-209)
"NLRB Turns Down Petition by Two AFL Unions for Vote Among Alaska Cannery Men" (p. 1), "Honors to GI Dead and Dedication of Monument Set" (p. 1).
Japanese Center in Ketchikan (ddr-densho-442-88)
img Japanese Center in Ketchikan (ddr-densho-442-88)
Photograph of four men standing outside the Japanese Center in Ketchikan, Alaska. Identified left to right is Kichijiro "George" Suzuki, unidentified, Mr. Hagiwara, and Jasomatsu "George" Ohashi.
Two men washing canned salmon (ddr-densho-15-90)
img Two men washing canned salmon (ddr-densho-15-90)
Fred Kosaka (left) and (first name unknown) Takehara wash cans of salmon that have just been cooked. Washing was necessary to remove debris produced during the cooking process.
Salmon cannery (ddr-densho-15-88)
img Salmon cannery (ddr-densho-15-88)
Mike Petrakov unloads salmon onto a conveyor belt for processing. Many Japanese Americans also worked for this same cannery.
Workers traveling to canneries (ddr-densho-15-21)
img Workers traveling to canneries (ddr-densho-15-21)
These cannery workers are aboard the steamship "Aleutian" on its way to Alaska. Three individuals are identified: Hiroshi Yamada (middle front), Hiro Nishimura (right front), and Kenny Nakatani (back right).
Cannery workers (ddr-densho-15-20)
img Cannery workers (ddr-densho-15-20)
These workers are sitting on plywood in front of the cannery.
Canned salmon (ddr-densho-15-89)
img Canned salmon (ddr-densho-15-89)
The cans of salmon have been set out to cool after being cooked and cleaned.
Man works on plane in snow (ddr-densho-321-300)
img Man works on plane in snow (ddr-densho-321-300)
Notation:"868G-4-LAFB-16JAN56-A/C ACC-F-89D-52-1862A."
Interior of a cockpit (ddr-densho-321-299)
img Interior of a cockpit (ddr-densho-321-299)
Notation:"868G-4-LAFB-16JAN56-A/C ACC-F-89D-52-1862A."
img "Blue Foxes" parade float (ddr-densho-321-302)
Caption on float: "18 F.I.S. 'Blue Foxes' Puts the 'Bite' in Arctic Defense."