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Men leaving for Alaska (ddr-densho-15-38)
img Men leaving for Alaska (ddr-densho-15-38)
These Japanese Americans are en route to Alaska to work in the canneries. Several can be identified: "Turk" Fujiya and Jim Yoshida stand fifth and sixth from the left; Ben Uyeno and George Yano stand third and second from the right. Ben Uyeno later became a well-known doctor in Seattle's Japanese American community. He was interviewed …
Street in Cordova, Alaska (ddr-densho-383-233)
img Street in Cordova, Alaska (ddr-densho-383-233)
Written on album page below photograph: "Cordova, Alaska 1931".
Ship docked in Alaska (ddr-densho-383-21)
img Ship docked in Alaska (ddr-densho-383-21)
Pier along the right side, with mountains in the distance.
Cannery in Orca, Alaska (ddr-densho-383-124)
img Cannery in Orca, Alaska (ddr-densho-383-124)
Written on photograph: "Northwestern Fisheries Co. Orca, Alaska. H.W. Stewart".
Storefront in Wrangell, Alaska (ddr-densho-383-343)
img Storefront in Wrangell, Alaska (ddr-densho-383-343)
Walter C. Waters Bear Totem Store with totem poles and carvings in front. Written on album page below photograph: "Wrangell, AAA".
img "Seakist" boat in Alaska (ddr-densho-383-241)
The "Seakist" was a cannery tender boat. A scow filled with fish is pictured alongside the "Seakist."