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Bill, Tomo, and Jim (ddr-densho-442-74)
img Bill, Tomo, and Jim (ddr-densho-442-74)
Photograph of three children sitting on a log. Identified left to right: Bill Tatsuda, Ruth Tomo Ohashi, and Jim Tatsuda.
Picnic at the water (ddr-densho-442-41)
img Picnic at the water (ddr-densho-442-41)
Photograph of a group of eight standing and seated on a log by a body of water. Identified from left to right is: Bill Tatsuda, Neil Jiro Ohashi, Hope Nobuko Ohashi, Wakaichi "Buck" Ohashi, Mary (Ohashi) Yamato, Jasomatsu "George" Ohashi, Ruth Tomo Ohashi, and Helen Nakashima.
Terao funeral (ddr-densho-442-5)
img Terao funeral (ddr-densho-442-5)
Photograph of mourners in attendance at the funeral of Tomsabaro Terao. Front row left to right: Keiko Togo and Jimmy Tatsuda II. Second row: unknown, unknown, unknown, Bill Tatsuda, Charlie Tatsuda, Abe Hagiwara, Ruth Ohashi, John Tomita, unknown, Pat Hagiwara, Cherry, Tatsuda, unknown, Frank Tomita, and Mike Hagiwara. Third row: unknown, Mr. Faulkner, Mr. Inouye, Jimmy …