Kazuko Nakao

Nisei female. Born December 13, 1919, in Bainbridge Island, Washington. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, removed with family to the Manzanar concentration camp California, then later transferred to the Minidoka concentration camp, Idaho. Married while in Minidoka, and returned to Bainbridge Island after World War II.


Isami Nakao - Kazuko Nakao Interview — ddr-densho-1000-68
June 18, 1998. Bainbridge Island, Washington.
01:22:29 — 30 segments.
Kay Sakai Nakao Interview — ddr-densho-1001-3
February 25, 2006. Bainbridge Island, Washington.
01:22:53 — 26 segments.
Kazuko Nakao