Sam Araki

Nisei male. Born July 12, 1931, in Saratoga, California. Grew up in Saratoga, where father worked as a gardener on a large estate. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, father moved the family inland to Reedley in an attempt to avoid mass removal. Eventually removed to Poston concentration camp, Arizona. After leaving camp, returned to California and graduated from Stanford University with a master's in mechanical engineer. Went on to establish a prestigous career in the aerospace industry, becoming president of Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space.


Sam Araki Interview II — ddr-densho-1000-437
January 20, 2016. San Jose, California.
00:59:10 — 10 segments.
Sam Araki Interview I — ddr-densho-1000-402
March 21, 2012. San Jose, California.
01:51:05 — 17 segments.
Sam Araki