Atsumi Ozawa

Nisei female. Born May 25, 1928, in Huancayo, Peru. Grew up in Huancayo, where father ran a successful store. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, father went into hiding in an attempt to avoid being picked up by the Peruvian government. He was eventually found and picked up, and was reunited with family on the ship from Peru to the United States in 1944. Atsumi Ozawa was incarcerated with her family in the Crystal City internment camp, Texas. After leaving camp, worked for a time in Seabrook, New Jersey, and eventually moved to Chicago, Illinois.


Atsumi Ozawa Interview — ddr-densho-1000-348
June 17, 2011. Skokie, Illinois.
01:34:43 — 21 segments.
Atsumi Ozawa