K. Morgan Yamanaka

Nisei male. Born April 14, 1924, in San Francisco, California. Went to Japan with family at a very young age before returning to San Francisco. During World War II, removed to the Santa Anita Assembly Center, California, and the Topaz concentration camp, Utah. Answered "no-no" on the so-called "loyalty questionnaire" and transferred to Tule Lake concentration camp, California. While in Tule Lake, was placed with brother and father in the stockade for several months. Renounced U.S. citizenship, but did not expatriate to Japan. Left camp and lived in New York briefly before eventually returning to San Francisco, becoming a professor at San Francisco State University.


K. Morgan Yamanaka Interview — ddr-densho-1000-329
April 7, 2011. Mill Valley, California.
03:51:12 — 35 segments.
K. Morgan Yamanaka