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Takashi Matsui

Kibei male. Born January 20, 1917, in Hood River, Oregon. Lived in Seattle, Washington, before being taken to Japan by mother at the age of three. Completed elementary through high school in Japan. Returned to Seattle at seventeen years of age. Continued education in United States. Drafted in 1942 and was an instructor for the Military Intelligence Service (MIS). Also served with U.S. occupation forces in postwar Japan and was a war crimes trial investigator. Resettled in Seattle.


Takashi Matsui Interview — ddr-densho-1008-4
December 12, 1997. Seattle, Washington.
01:50:18 — 31 segments.
Takashi Matsui Interview — ddr-densho-1000-45
October 29, 1997. Seattle, Washington.
02:17:34 — 38 segments.
Takashi Matsui