Harry Ueno

Nisei male. Born April 14, 1907, in Pauilo, Hawaii. Lived in Japan from 1915 to 1923, and settled on the mainland upon his return to the United States. Was married in 1930, and was removed along with family to Manzanar concentration camp, California, during World War II. While in Manzanar, organized the Mess Hall Workers Union. Accused of beating up a suspected government informant and was placed in jail, sparking the so-called "Manzanar Riot." Was moved to various jails and the Citizen Isolation Centers Leupp, Arizona, and Moab, Utah, before being reunited with his family in Tule Lake Segregation Center. After release from camp, moved to the Santa Clara Valley, raised three children, and became a farmer.


Harry Ueno Interview — ddr-densho-1002-7
February 18, 1994. San Mateo, California.
03:58:49 — 42 segments.
Harry Ueno