Lon Inaba

Sansei male. Born September 15, 1955, in Yakima, Washington. Grew up in the Yakima area, where several generations of family members had run a farm since before World War II. Prior to the war, since Japanese immigrants were barred from purchasing land, Lon's grandfather and great-grandfather had leased land from the Yakama Indian tribe. After they were sent to the Heart Mountain concentration camp, Wyoming, during the war, they returned and continued farming, again with the support of the Yakama Nation. Lon earned a degree in agricultural engineering, and after working for a time on the Hanford nuclear reservation, returned to take over the farm with family members. In 2021, the family made the decision to sell Inaba Produce Farms to the Yakama Nation.


Lon Inaba Interview — ddr-densho-1000-537
May 27, 2023. Wapato, Washington.
2:17:27 — 28 segments.
Lon Inaba