Densho Digital Repository
JACL Philadelphia Oral History Collection
Title: Hiroshi Uyehara Interview
Narrator: Hiroshi Uyehara
Interviewer: Herbert J. Horikawa
Location: Medford, New Jersey
Date: October 23, 1994
Densho ID: ddr-phljacl-1-13-14

<Begin Segment 14>

HH: As you sit here today, what would you label as some of the characteristics that you possess in your personality that are attributable to you being a Japanese American?

HU: Well, I don't know whether it's attributable because I grew up in a, with parents of Japanese descent, but then, you know, naturally I got some of their characteristics. Because I'm a hard-working guy, serious. I don't know too many jokes. [Laughs]

HH: Okay, yeah. As you look back from your days in California to days working in California and the days also at Rohwer and you're arriving Philadelphia, what are some of the events, one or two events that stand out most clearly in your mind as being memorable?

HU: Well, you know, in Rohwer, I think eventually I became a Sunday school superintendent in Rohwer, and I had a lot of Sunday school teachers helping me. And I never thought I'd become a Sunday school superintendent because there were so many other more capable people ahead of me when I was in California. So I said, well, I mean, I guess when the more adventuresome left the camp and I got an opportunity to be a superintendent, but I never thought I'd be doing that sort of thing.

HH: For a person who doesn't like to be visible, you find yourself in a place that's very, very visible.

HU: [Laughs] In fact, I used to like to sing, but I can't read music that well. And I remember one time I was asked to sing a duet, and then, you know, I can sing bass, but if I have to sing anything else, I have a hard time reading the music, and I remember I was embarrassed. I mean, I don't think I was reading the music. [Laughs]

HH: I know that people in Philadelphia value you very much. Thank you very much.

HU: Okay, you're welcome.

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