Title: Pacific Citizen, Vol. 53, No. 16, 10/20/1961, (ddr-pc-33-42)
Densho ID: ddr-pc-33-42

Pacific Citizen
Vol. 53, No. 16
October 20, 1961

Ye Editor's Desk: A Candid Comment on JACL Finances

Rowher Cemetery Dedicated as Arkansas Historical Site Sunday

Nisei-Negro Pair Go on Mission for White House

Recall Movement in L.A. 10th Dist. Started by Negroes, Seek 'Balance'

Tamura Testimonial Program Revealed

Over 200 Issei Invited by Fresno JACL for Pioneer Night Banquet Nov. 12

442nd Commander Colonel Pence Dies After Long Illness

Bill Hosokawa to Address CCDC Convention Dec. 3

Washington Newsletter: By Mike Masaoka: United Nations Day

Sansei Wins Study Trip to Greece

Sonoma Nisei Partner of Engineering Firm

Wyoming Nisei Promoted at Ft. Belvoir Research Lab

Nisei Prosecutor in L.A. Limelight

Eden Township JACLer on Sister City Hunt in Japan

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Cal Vet Eligibility for Evacuee Nisei Ready, but Whereabouts Unknown

Northwest Picture: Testimonial for Sen. Magnuson: By Elmer Ogawa

East of the River: By Richard Akagi: Advice for the Lovelorn

Rowher--(Continued from Front Page)

U.S. Civil Rights Report Indicates Negro in California Hit Hardest in Housing Bias

Nisei Family Included in Move from N.Y. to Chico to Avoid Threat from Atomic Bombs

Berkeley Teacher Selected for Thailand Bound Peace Corps


Gardena Valley Residents to Discuss JACS Program

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From the Frying Pan: By Bil Hosokawa

Joe Saito Wins 4-Yr. Term as Director of New College Board

Seafair Queen Oriented [Photo]

Nisei Bashed on Head with Bat by Hoodlum

Li'l Tokio Press Club Donation Kicks Off Christmas Cheer Drive; $400 in Fund

Baby Clams on Stick Offered by Oakland at Weekend Pageant

Texas Sansei Places in Nat'l Merit Finals

Carleton College Dedicates New Science Building Designed by Minoru Yamasaki

Champions for BANGA's Final Golf Tourney Crowned

San Jose CYC Basketball Program Underway

Pasadena Nisei Addresses B'nai B'rith Symposium

Population Study of S.F. Non-Whites Published

Colorado State Nisei Research Worker Named in Charge of Pakistani Project

Al Nomura Fires Hole-in-One at Fresno

San Diego Basketball

Chapter Chit-Chat

Minnesota Nurse Re-Elected to State Board of Nursing

San Diego Art Teacher Relates Satisfaction from Working with Metals to Form Pieces

Nisei Enterprise Launches Nation-Wide Distribution of Its Jaylis Window Covering

San Luis Obispo Social with Harvest Theme Planned Tomorrow

Fortune Magazine

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Freewheeling on the Freeway: By Jim Higashi

Sonoma County Vice Presidents to Head '62 Chapter Membership Push

Chuman to Keynote Fowler 10th Ann'y and Issei Banquet

1000 Club Report

Dr. Frank Sakamoto, John Yoshino Voted Chairmen of MDC, EDC, Respectively

Frank Oda Resting at Home

Reedley JACL Families Treated to Barbecue Night

Public Campaign for Issei Story Fund Initiated by Salt Lake JACL Boar Members

Living with JACL: By Saburo Kido: 1936 Seattle Convention


Pasadena JACL Honors Tom Ito

San Jose to Host Next NC-WN Meet

Hallowe'en Festivities Set

San Francisco Auxiliary Benefit Dance Theme Set

Amateur Talent Show for CCDC Confab Slated

Civil Service Official to Address D.C. JACLers

Gresham-Troutdale JACL Starts Mixed Keg League

Gardeners Group Retain Ishimaru as Executive