Title: Pacific Citizen, Vol. 52, No. 25, 6/23/1961, (ddr-pc-33-25)
Densho ID: ddr-pc-33-25

Pacific Citizen
Vol. 52, No. 25
June 23, 1961

Berkeley CL to Discuss Proposal for Selling Its Haste St. Property: By George Yasukochi

Nisei Gives Views of JFK-Ikeada Falks to Denver Readers

U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Six Cases of Interest to Nisei

Two Graduates Cited by East L.A. JACL

East L.A. Sansei Passes Exams for Naval Academy

Summertime in Central California Seen as Breeding Ground for Juvenile Problems: By Thomas Toyama

Sac'to 1000er to Build 77-Unit Garden Apartment

Optometry College Names Dr. Miyake to Governing Board

Los Gatos 1000er Wins Verdict Worth $116,000

Placer County Sansei Attends Boys State

Gov. Brown to Lead Nisei Week Parade

JACLer Heads School Employees' Council

Mrs. Kodani Re-Elected Civic Group Chairman

Sacramento Sansei Awarded Scholarship Valued at $24,000

'Command Decision': Evacuation, Part 4: Washington Newsletter: By Mike Masaoka

Nisei Week Talent Show Issues First Call

High School Award Named for Penryn Nisei

Legionnaires Donate for Upkeep of Rowher Cemetery

Nearly 3,000 Issei in Japan Retired on Social Security Benefits

CLer Donates Land to City for Road Extension

Seafair Candidate?

Chapter Index

Toastmasters Club

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Five Seek 'Miss Harbor' Title [Photo]

Chapter Chit-Chat


Director's Report: By Masao Satow

Nissei Rasslers Making Big Hit in Japan, Great Togo and Toshi Togo Attracting Fans: By Tamotsu Murayama

Nisei Attorneys on Both Sides of Key Civil Rights Case

'Issei Story' Project Meeting at Monterey Set

Satow at Eden Township

PC Letter Box

Boost from Brewery

Intermountain District Council Report: Mormon Hospitality Recalled: By Rupert Hachiya

500 to Charity

Valley Fever Specialist Addresses JACLers [Photo]

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Nebraska Anti-Miscegenation Law Bothers Omaha JACL, Seek Repeal

Vagaries: By Larry Tajiri

San Fernando JACL Mixed Bowling Starts [Photo]

Sam Kawanishi Rolls 724--All-Time Hight in California Men's Bowling Championship

Three Artists Have Brush with Law

30 Candidates Now on List with Kunitsugu for City Council Vacancy, to Be Filled July 1

Little League Fever Hits Long Beach Harbor Youth

Orange County to Stage Carnival, Judo Tourney

Seattle 1000er Reports on Tokyo Rotary Parley


Russell Endo of Tujunga to Head Verdugo Hills High

USC Campus Daily Names Nisei Managing Editor

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Sequoia JACL Hits All-Time Membership High

Judge Wong Guest of DTLA Luncheon

Living with JACL: By Saburo Kido: The 3rd Biennial

East Palo Alto Team Wins Sequoia Membership Honors

1000 Club Notes

Hollywood Plans for Three Future Events

Boise Valley Jrs. View Constitution

White River Valley Installation Rite Inspires, Some Pre-War Presidents Attend

Alameda JACL Fetes 21 Local Graduates

Fremont JACL to Honor 15 Local Area Graduates

Pasadena Set 2nd Half of Calendar

Sac'to JACL Has Scholarship Plans

'June Night' Social Planned June 24 for Salt Lake CLers

Contra Costa JACL Family Barbecue Due Tomorrow


Monterey Picnic

Danger Graduates