Title: The Pacific Citizen, Vol. 43 No. 11, 9/14/1956, (ddr-pc-28-37)
Densho ID: ddr-pc-28-37

Pacific Citizen
Vol. 43 No. 11
September 14, 1956

President's Corner: Help me to fill those big shoes

California Farm Bureau Endorses Prop. 13; to Urge 70,000 Members

San Diego JACL salutes state solon

NCWNDC calls special session to discuss area campaign for Prop. 13

Japan Film Festival Planned for New York

Organization Stand on 'Tokyo Rose' Hearing to be Considered

Silver Chalice to be Part of Ike's Museum

Nat'l JACL convention coverage noted in top Atlantic seaboard newspapers

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Pacific Citizen Staff

From the Frying Pan by Bill Hosokawa: Togo or Noma

Florida Nisei with three college degrees in agronomy wins medical scholarship

Nisei statistician notes more women over 50 dying of heart disease lately

O.C. JAYs install new cabinet officers

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Nat'l Director's Report by Masao Satow: Nat'l council sessions

Concluding part of address by White House aide --

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Nat'l Director's Report by Masao Satow (cont.)

Final half of JACL convention keynote speech --

Farm Bureau Center

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Vagaries by Larry S. Tajiri: Hope in New South

Ennis -- (cont.)

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Nat'l Director's Report by Masao Satow (cont.)

Collection of nostalgic items from the 14th Biennial convention at various corners -- wished we had more space here...

Central Cal CLers recognized at convention sporting Ivy League caps

'1000' Club Notes

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Very Truly Yours by Harry K. Honda: Newsletter workshop

Chicago Corner by Smoky H. Sakurada: Talents wasted

Gov't representative attends JACL confab 1st time in history

Disposal of JACL building mooted

Sangha scout medal sent to U.S., Hawaii troops

Colorado Times English Section Folds Again

Over 400 Thousanders jam Surf Club to let hair down at 14th Biennial

Jr. JACLers told minority groups should rid own 'intramural' bias for progress

Nampa Daughter Wins in Idaho Talent Show

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The Northwest Picture by Elmer Ogawa: In rescue of a scout

Chicago Corner by Smoky H. Sakurada (cont.)

L.A. Nisei Trading wins Lodi baseball

Min Ando rolls 657 for San Jose honors

Sports Briefs

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Perspectively yours, by Jerry Enomoto

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Guest Column by Kats Kunitsugu: Like the first kiss

Rabb -- (cont.)

Silver chalice

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Los Angeles Newsletter by Henry Mori: Nacirema's 3rd & 4th

Washington Newsletter by Mike Masaoka (cont.)

Guest Column by Kats Kunitsugu

Ennis -- (cont.)

Vital Statistics

Death of Issei in state hospital under investigation

Heads Lions group

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Washington Newsletter by Mike Masaoka: Temporary Japan workers

Issei Alien Retiring on Social Security in Japan Hit by New Law

Nisei Family Visits Ike at Pebble Beach

New York JAA president T. Matsuoka reelected

Chicago Buddhists Plan New Church Building

Southwest L.A. hears Boys Town psychologist

New chapter paper published by Sonoma County CL

New Hampshire Nisei

Voters register