Title: The Pacific Citizen, Vol. 43 No. 9, 8/31/1956, (ddr-pc-28-35)
Densho ID: ddr-pc-28-35

Pacific Citizen
Vol. 43 No. 9
August 31, 1956

President's Corner: Final expression of gratitude

300 San Franciscan Assist in Staging 14th Biennial Confab

'Yes for Prop. 13' gains new support

1000ers urged to get tickets for Whing-Ding

'Callahan' to Retire from Top Nat'l JACL Post

Del Courtney's orchestra to play at 14th Biennial finale - Sayonara Ball

Plant disease export wins MSU appointment

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Pacific Citizen Staff

From the Frying Pan by Bill Hosokawa: Fujiwara Opera Co.

JACL convention -- (cont.)

Tokyo Topics by Tamotsu Murayama: Early JACL days grim

Calif. voter registration deadline emphasized by Pasadena JACL chapter

442nd Reunion Dates in 1958 Announced

Convention Choristers

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JACL flag to be unfurled

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Perspectively yours, by Jerry Enomoto

A day with Queen Sharon in San Francisco...

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Vagaries by Larry S. Tajiri: Mayor Ab Jenkins

Candidates for 1956-58 National JACL Offices



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Nat'l Director's Report by Masao Satow: Changing Perspectives

NC-WNDC -- (cont.)

MDC -- (cont.)

EDC -- (cont.)

Hollywood 1000er Chairs Floral Group Confab

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Very Truly Yours by Harry K. Honda: JACL in its essence

Smoglites by Mary Oyama: '32 Convention memories

Candidates from PSWDC --

Mt.-Plains --

Detroit JACL set for 10th ann'y fete Sept. 29

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The Northwest Picture by Elmer Ogawa: William Y. Mimbu

Another 85 pre-register for Nat'l JACL convention: record turnout anticipated

Fair Queen Selected

Sonoma County Fishing Derby Upped to Sept. 9

2nd annual Sonoma County bowling tournament open to all NC-WNDC keglers

Sports Briefs

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Convention Schedule

Convention stagers go western to relax a bit

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Convention Schedule (cont.)

Smoglites by Mary Oyama (cont.)

Board Members -- (cont.)

Ishimaru wins life insurance honors

Official Chapter Delegates to 14th Biennial Conclave Named

Exceptional weather aids Mid-Columbia fete

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Los Angeles Newsletter by Henry Mori: S.F. post-mortem

Very Truly Yours by Harry K. Honda (cont.)

Vital Statistics

To prepare Kalua pig for Oakland CL luau

PSWDC -- (cont.)

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Washington Newsletter by Mike Masaoka: JACL convention

Judges for Nisei of Biennium Award Named

Inagaki -- (cont.)

D.C. chapter picnic attracts 250 persons

Ladies' day at 14th Biennial garbed in Saturday luncheon-fashion show

Special services to JACL conventioners to be centered at South Lobby info desk