Title: The Pacific Citizen, Vol. 43 No. 7, 8/17/1956, (ddr-pc-28-33)
Densho ID: ddr-pc-28-33

Pacific Citizen
Vol. 43 No. 7
August 17, 1956

By the Board: 'Something' besides a membership card

Ennis Keynote Speaker at 14th Biennial Confab

Osaki-Designed Silver Creation to be Given Eisenhower by JACL

Congressman Cited Masaoka Letter on Restriction of Japan Imports

JACL to Cite Confab Speaker Max Rabb

Demo Platform Chairman Lauds Nisei Loyalty

Army to Curtail Japanese Language at Presidio School

$187,000 for evacuation claims payment approved for 28 recipients

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Pacific Citizen Staff

From the Frying Pan by Bill Hosokawa: Pre-convention allure

Very Truly Yours by Harry K. Honda: Gardena's queen

500 Migrant Workers from Japan U.S.-Bound

Democrat -- (cont.)

Sumitomo Bank growth noted in latest report

Citizenship restoration policy for Tule Lake renunciants established

Name Nisei to chair Brighton Agri. Institute

Pharmacy fraternity

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Vagaries by Larry S. Tajiri

Southland Nisei urge civil rights plank in both political platforms

College extension course on citizenship most prized possession of war bride

Yoshino joins gov't agency as liaison man

Sakata to tour 48 states promoting welfare of young farmers for Jaycees

Coachella Valley students win high school awards

Fujiwara opera tour in U.S., Canada told

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Nat'l Director's Report by Masao Satow

Roy Nishikawa, Tak Terasaki vie for national JACL presidency as nominations committee offers slate

N.Y. Times features story updating status of Japanese Americans

Seattle Picnic Ready for '57 Version Now

Pediatric chairman

SLC chapter set for August activities

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Perspectively yours, by Jerry Enomoto

Masaoka -- (cont.)

Selma JACL honors new members at barbecue

Sequoia JACL beach party at Table Beach Sunday

JACL endowment fund at $92,000

Mid-Columbia Chapter Float Wins Top Prize

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The Northwest Picture by Elmer Ogawa: Hotel-Apt. business

Vagaries by Larry S. Tajiri (cont.)

Hawaiian swimmers grace American squad for '56 Melbourne Olympics

'57 CL keg dates fixed for Mar. 5-10

Nisei gridders prep for all-star Kezar classic

Sports Briefs

Efforts merit trip to Canada Olympic tryouts

Denver Sansei compete in Rocky Mountain swimfest

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Los Angeles Newsletter by Henry Mori: Nisei Week color

Very Truly Yours by Harry K. Honda (cont.)

Washington Newsletter by Mike Masaoka (cont.)

Vital Statistics

Ex-L.A. newsman dies of cancer

Chas. Kamayatsu's father dies, was naturalized

Utah pet owners warned against rabies outbreak

Denver Mother Wins in Tri-State Art Show

Active Cleveland JACL-er Returns to Nebraska Home

Optomists to Support Shonien Home Regularly

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Washington Newsletter by Mike Masaoka: Democratic convention

Ennis -- (cont.)

Tickets for 'Bonanza' -- 1000 Club frolic at Convention-given wide distribution

JACL convention notes what to wear; minimum wardrobe suggested for women