Title: The Pacific Citizen, Vol. 42 No. 15, 4/13/1956, (ddr-pc-28-15)
Densho ID: ddr-pc-28-15

Pacific Citizen
Vol. 42 No. 15
April 13, 1956

By the Board: Racial discrimination in home-buying

CL endowment fund reaches $90,000; list recent donors

Alameda JACL aids in Red Cross fund drive

Attends Governor's confab

Denver Issei four group allowed to place wreath at Tomb of Unknown Soldier, unaware of Army red tape involved for tribute

Mikami Qualifies for June 5 Primaries

442nd reservists wear wartime shoulder patch

Denver home for aged opens soon

George Sansei wins county spell-down

Gov't Urged to Promote Integration in Housing as Well as in Schools

Ex-Portland C.L. Head Attends Medical Seminar

30,000 Americans visit Japan during 1955

Phila. Japanese directory slated

82 Refugees from Japan Arrive by Air

Electronic Gadget Sounds Like Bagpipe

Twin Cities UCL opens '56 membership drive

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Pacific Citizen Staff

From the Frying Pan by Bill Hosokawa: Japan trade exhibit

Very Truly Yours by Harry K. Honda: Club names change

Eastern District Council to Meet at Seabrook for 2-Day Convention

Hawaii statehood gets first mention on Senate floor during tax debate

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Vagaries by Larry S. Tajiri: Alien land law

Salt Lake market owner though stick-up was April Fool joke at first

Name Nisei to U.S. raisin committee

Special 88th anniversary fete of first Japanese immigrants to Hawaii being planned; group seeks documents

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Perspectively yours, by Jerry Enomoto

Vagaries by Larry S. Tajiri

Ex-Spokane engineer heads Milwaukee chapter, sketch of other officers made

Angeleno who lived in Denver during wartime guiding East Los Angeles CL

Dash Kanatomi Elected Ventura County Head

New York JACL to open bridge club April 21

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Nat'l Director's Report by Masao Satow: Convention tempo

Warmup duplicate bridge tourney for CL meet held

Easter egg hunt feature at D.C. potluck supper

Sequoia JACL sponsors Japanese double feature

Mile-Hi fixes date for annual 'Family Night'

Long Beach Chapter to Honor Newly Naturalized Citizens on April 22

Long Beach schedules Monday dancing classes

50 Issei registered as voters by Gardena CL

Bridge-scrabble party

APL Names First Nisei as Chief 3/C Purser

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The Northwest Picture by Elmer Ogawa: Charles E. Fisher

Tokyo Topics by Tamotsu Murayama: Told for 1st time

Yokoyama Cops Bowling Honors at Santa Rosa

Konno, Oyakawa lose AAU titles

NCWNDC golf meet set for Hillview

Segregation note

Stockton Nisei Heads for Boston AAU Ring Finals

Honolulu's Asahi nine to reopen roster to non-Japanese this reason

Runs 100 in 10.3

Prewar Nisei jockey injured by horse kick

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Los Angeles Newsletter by Henry Mori: Heads Optimists

Very Truly Yours by Harry K. Honda (cont.)

Washington Newsletter by Mike Masaoka (cont.)

Vital Statistics

Yashima's 'Crow-Boy' book wins two awards

Japanese artists assist Welcome House benefit

25th anniversary

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Washington Newsletter by Mike Masaoka: Lane claims bill

Who's Who on the Chapter Cabinet: Chicago president formerly served as first, second, third vice-president

Chicago CL to aid new Issei citizens in voting technique

Livingston Fruit Exchange re-elects Ohki president

Speaker on stained glass to address Phila. JACL