Title: The Pacific Citizen, Vol. 18 No. 17, 5/20/1944, (ddr-pc-16-21)
Densho ID: ddr-pc-16-21

The Pacific Citizen
Vol. 18 No. 17
May 20, 1944

WRA Survey Reveals Most Japanese American Evacuees Have Never Visited Japan. Total of 27,000 Cases Checked in Government Study

WRA Plans Jobs For Working Army Mothers

New Coast Group Endorses Legal Ban Against Evacuees. John Lechner Speaks At Meeting Sponsored By Fairfield Group

Nisei War Hero Arrives at Topaz Relocation Camp

Church Meet Urges Return Of Nisei Rights. Congregational Leaders Will Recruit Sponsors For Loyal Nisei

Eight Davis Nisei Leave For Service With Armed Forces

Chicago Girl Wins War Bond for Prize Suggestion

Canadians Will Test Sale of Evacuee Land

Japanese American Captain Says Nisei Soldiers Did Their Share in Campaign. Capt. Jack Mizuha Says Japanese Americans Fight For Acceptance, Recalls Camaraderie With Other American Troops on Front Line in Italy

Exclusion Demand Voiced by Women's Clubs in California

Wyoming Court Sets Date for Draft Trial. 63 Heart Mountain Youths Will Get Joint Trial on Charges

39 Evacuee Women Return To West Coast Homes With Permission of Gen. Emmons. Some Japanese Americans Also Allowed Back on Business Reasons

Rep. Mott Plans Bill to Deport Nisei Group

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Three Sisters Plead Innocent In Denver on Treason Charge. Husband Declares He Will Stand By Accused Wife, Sisters

Evacuee Girl Gets Position in WRA's Rochester Office

Nisei Doctor Promoted to Captain Rank

Chicago Leads In Relocation Of Evacuees. Housing Shortage Holds Down Number Coming to City

Two Nisei Win State Collegiate Oratory Contests

Los Angeles Group Protests Return of Evacuees to Coast

GI's Say They're Not Fighting For World of Hate, Suspicion

Methodists Urge Restoration of Full Rights of Nisei Americans. Memorial Notes Racist Intolerance Displayed in U.S. Communities

Mayor LaGuardia Asked to Retract Racist Statement

Iowa Ministers Favor Participation By Evacuee Group

Evacuee Student Stars on Illinois Prep Track Team

New Jersey Group to Aid Resettlement. Citizens' Committee Will Cooperate With National Agencies

VFW Group Attacks Ickes' Stand on Japanese Americans

Nisei Combat Unit Enters Baseball Team

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Brooklyn Group Approves Nisei Hostel Plan. Home for Evacuees Will Open Despite LaGuardia's Jitters

Brooklyn Group Backs Nisei Hostel

Three Topaz Nisei Will Be Arraigned on Draft Charge

Nisei Girl Elected President of Class

Brooklyn Hostel Opened With Arrival of Family From Gila. Satomis From Rivers First to Stay at New Evacuee Home

Orchestra Dedicates Program to Men of Nisei Combat Unit

Family Relocation Possibilities Seen in Upper New York Area

Mass Meeting Protests N.Y. Mayor's Stand. Normal Thomas Among Speakers at Minorities Workshop Program

Jerome Segregees Arrive at Tule Lake

State of Washington Initiates Legal Action to Escheat Farm Property Held by Evacuees. State Attorney General Undertakes Suits Under Provisions of Anti-Alien Land Law; Property Involved Is Estimated at More Than $1,000,000

Prosecutor Files Suits Against Two Farm Families

Story of the Week: Some Brooklyn Neighbors Welcome Nisei Americans

Eiichi Kimura Dies In Chicago Hospital

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Pacific Citizen Staff

Editorials: The Draft Cases

Exit, Martin Dies

Nisei USA by Larry Tajiri: Race-Baiting Does Not Pay

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Carey McWilliams Says: Japanese American Problem Definitely Related to Those Of Other Minority Groups. Public Affairs Committee Issues Pamphlet By California Authority; Loyalty Record Cited in New Study on Evacuation Question

Evacuee Reflections: Japanese American Make New Homes on East Coast

From the Frying Pan by Bill Hosokawa: War Record Will Stand Nisei in Good Stead

Editorial Digest

Nisei USA (Cont.)

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Calling All Chapters!

Ogden Nisei Wins Oratorical Contest

Tamae Yagi Weds Tom M. Kogane

Ann Nisei's Column: The Cosmetics Box

Nisei Girl Singer Is Soloist In Kansas College Program. Mieko Sugimachi Has Also Appeared on Radio Broadcasts

Chiyoko Matsuda Gives Concert At Granada

Nisei Brothers In U.S. Army Visit Milwaukee USO

Timely Topics by Saburo Kido

Elections Deplete the Dies Committee

Costello Alienated Liberal Voters

Registrar King Backs Constitution

The Copy Desk

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Nisei in Uniform: Letters From Servicemen

Rev. Hashimoto Weds Rayko Mano in Chicago Ceremony

Caldwell Methodists Elect New Cabinet

Concord Officials Would Close Hotel

Vital Statistics

New Hostel for Evacuees Will Aid Relocation in Philadelphia

Manzanar Girl Wins Honors in Poetry

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Report Evacuees Unaffected by Industrial Cutbacks in Cleveland

WAC Recruiting Officer Schedules Topaz Visit

Fort Lupton CL Adds to National Fund. Support of Program Indicated at Meeting of Colorado Group

Sacramento Paper Reports Nisei Will Be Inducted in Army

Heart Mountain Girl Awarded Scholarship

Evacuee Seamen May Be Recruited

Alien Japanese Permitted to Live In Military Area

Palmer Takes Over Trivia Falls WRA