Title: The Pacific Citizen, Vol. 18 No. 13, 4/22/1944, (ddr-pc-16-17)
Densho ID: ddr-pc-16-17

The Pacific Citizen
Vol. 18 No. 13
April 22, 1944

Ban on Return of Evacuees May Be for Reasons Other Than Military, Declares 'Fortune'. Longer Army Permits Coast Area to be Closed, More Time Is Given Hearst for Hate Campaign Against Japanese Americans, Says Article

Anti-Alien Land Bill Condemned At Church Meet. Christians in Colorado Urged to Fight Proposed Measure

Congressman Hits WRA Policy on Tule Lake Hearings

Minidoka Resident Informed of Death of Brother in Italy

Japanese American Soldiers in Italy

Evacuee Gives Blood to Save Life of Teacher

Wyoming Camp Invites Nisei Aerial Gunner. Sgt. Ben Kuroki Will Visit Heart Mountain Camp Next Week

Rohwer Youth Saves Child From Drowning

Volunteer from Relocation Camp Reported Fighting in Burma in First U.S. Air Commando Unit

Japanese American Soldier Reported Held as Prisoner

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Report California Counties Urged by Kenny to File suits On Illegal Land Ownership. L.A. District Attorney Congratulated for Initiating Legal Action

Pocatello District Nisei Take Army Draft Examinations

Salt Lake JACL To Sponsor Talk On Race Tensions

Nisei Troops at Camp Shelby See Star-Studded Variety Show. Made Possible by Funds Contributed by JACL, Hawaii Committee

Mrs. Carl Sandburg Seeks Nisei Help On Goat Farm

Nine Soldiers Sentenced at Courts-Martial. 28 On Trial for Refusal to Accept Military Training

Majority of Cleveland Area Nisei Report No Discrimination. WRA Office Samples Opinions of Evacuees Resettled in Ohio City

Five Segregants Arrested for Threats At Tule Lake Camp

Report Indefinite Leaves Hit New High of 510 for Week

Sentinel Calls On Center to Save Youths. Face Stigma of Prison Terms If Convicted on Charges

Draft Delinquents Placed in Jail in Four Wyoming Cities

Evacuee Workers Expected to Assist In Farm Harvests

Boise Valley Chapter Holds Meeting

Educator Hits Action Taken Against Nisei. Evanston Neighbors Had Objected to Leasing of Home

Fortune Magazine Article Criticizes West Coast Ban (Cont.)

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Indiana War Plant Accepts Nisei Workers. CIO Union, Employers Assure Welcome for Japanese Americans

Nisei Officer Raps Stand of Draft Dodgers. Lieut. Ozamoto Tells Of Splendid Spirit of Camp Shelby Soldiers

California Legion Group Hits Ickes' Stand on Nisei

Proud to Fight Side by Side With Japanese Americans, Iowans in Italy Declare. Letter to Des Moines Register Says 'It's About Time Some Folks at Home Were Put Straight' Regarding Record of American Soldiers of Japanese Ancestry

Michigan Employer Wins Fight To Employ Evacuee Workers. Industrialist Takes Case of Nisei Employee To Washington

Los Angeles Women's Clubs Oppose Early Return of Evacuees

Pulitzer Winner Speaks at Rohwer

Idaho Nisei Sends Greetings from South Pacific

Report Omura Discharged by Denver Paper

Poston Teacher Learns of Death of Son in Enemy Camp

Brethren Close Chicago Hostel, To Open Another in New York

Gov. Bricker Asks for Local Control of Decision on Evacuees' Return to Coast. Deportation of 'Disloyal' Group Urged by Ohio Governor in California

Heart Mountain Honors Inductees In Special Ceremony

Utah Evacuee Killed In Mine Accident

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Pacific Citizen Staff

Editorials: Dangerous Doctrine

The Nisei in Hawaii

Successful Relocation

Churches Show the Way

Nisei USA by Larry Tajiri: Brickerbats, and No Bouquets

Evanston Is Still Safe

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Joe Grant Masaoka's Column: Doubt, Uncertainty, Confusion Characterize Attitude of Nisei Selective Service Delinquents

From the Frying Pan by Bill Hosokawa: Evacuees in Camp Need Post-War Planning

Church Leader Asks Fair Play For Evacuees

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Calling All Chapters!

Millard County May Sue Government Over Topaz Center Land

Letter-Box From Our Readers: Combat Soldier's Message to the Nisei

Soldier from California Hits Home Town's Intolerant Act


Veteran of Attu Pleads for Fair Play for Coast Nisei

Timely Topics by Saburo Kido

Serious Consideration for Test Cases

Competent Advice May Have Averted Tragedy

Mrs. Swan Will Head Student Relocation Group. Succeeds to Post Left by Retirement of C.W. Hibbard

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Just Incidentally by Dale Oka

Vital Statistics

Evacuees Will Be Available to Aid Canning Industry

Native Sons Urge Restrictive Steps Against Evacuees

Ann Nisei's Column: How to Make Hosiery at Home

Minidoka Evacuees Take Preinduction Army Physicals

WRA Initiates Trial Period In Effort to Spur Program Of Relocation Outside Camp

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Admiral Hart Finds No Proof Of Sabotage at Pearl Harbor. Denies Drunkeness Played Part in Inadequate Defense

Chinese Americans Donate Sum to Heart Mountain

Two Chapters Accepted Into JACL Council. Snake River, Murray Group Join IDC at Twin Falls Meeting

Wounded Nisei Wants to Hear Hawaiian Songs

Methodist Youth To Raise Funds for Hostel for Nisei

New York Group Challenges Action of New Jersey Citizens

Nisei Students Make Honor Roll At Brigham Young