Title: The Pacific Citizen, Vol. 16 No. 14, 4/8/1943, (ddr-pc-15-14)
Densho ID: ddr-pc-15-14

The Pacific Citizen
Vol. 16 No. 14
April 8, 1943

Draft of Japanese Americans For Military Service Believe In Offing, Says Times Report. Senator Chandler Meets With Assistant Secretary McCloy on Use of Nisei

Fair Play Committee's Letter Entered in Assembly Records. California Group Asked For Justice For Loyal Oriental Americans

S.F. Chronicle Protests Intrusion By Sen. Chandler

Japanese Language School Liquidated; Money Given YMCA

U.S. Supreme Court Agrees To Review Nisei Test Cases. Litigation on Military Orders Affecting Japanese Americans Certified to Highest Tribunal. Seek Constitutionality Of Curfew, Evacuation Regulations on Nisei

Sumidas of Hawaii May Have Seven Sons in U.S. Army

Hawaii Military Governor Lauds Nisei Volunteers. Gen Emmons Praises Response of Hawaiians To Call For Combat Unit

Maj. O'Conner Given Post With New Nisei Volunteer Army Unit

Fire College For Girls Started at Manzanar

Appointed Hawaii Nisei to War Manpower Post. Jack Kawano, CIO Union Leader, First To Get Recognition

WRA Official Reports 600 Pieces of Equipment Unused. Government Official Terms General Reports Of Vast Quantities of Farm Machinery Left Behind by Evacuees as 'Greatly Exaggerated'

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Denver Paper 'Exaggerates' Reported Boycott of Nisei Talk Before Authors League. Post Stirs Controversy Over Appearance of Mary Oyama at Luncheon

36-Year Old Hawaiian First To Be Inducted Into New Unit

Jobs Available In New York Area, Says Work Agency

Churchmen Hit Denial of Nisei Education Right

Native Sons to Take Case to Supreme Court

U.S. Supreme Court to Rule On Nisei Exclusion Orders

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Gov. Warren Seeks Seizure Of Farm Tools. California Legislature Will Get Bill to Take Over Evacuee Equipment

Nisei Buddhist Volunteers as Army Chaplain. Rev. Kumata Bids For Service With New U.S. Combat Team

Evacuees at Arkansas Center Leave For South Dakota Farms

Joe Masaoka Speaks at Greeley Meeting

Findlay Resolution Described As Anti-Democratic by Iowans. Grinnell College Paper Raps Legislative Attack On Japanese Americans

Iowa Legislature Action Rapped. Findlay Resolution Passed by Both Houses

Evacuees Will Be Used on Western Farms, Senate Told

New York Committee Supports Bill to Aid Oriental Aliens. Marcantonio Proposal Extends Naturalization Privilege to Asiatics

Sen. Wallgren Proposes New Plan for Supervision, Control Of Evacuees in WRA Centers. Sponsorship Program Urged in Releasing Loyal Japanese Americans

Murray Youth Passes Away Test For Combat Team

Gila Slayer Get Jail Term. Tsukawa Sentenced to 15 to 25 Years in Arizona State Prison

Manzanar Editor To Leave for Utah

Utah County Farms Hope For Help From Topaz WRA Center

Volunteers at Topaz Issue Publication Explaining Nisei Role

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Pacific Citizen Staff

Editorials: Nisei in the Draft

The Marcantonio Bill

Teapot Tempest

N.Y. Times: Pro Patria

Nisei USA by Larry Tajiri: Movie 'Treachery' in Hawaii

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Larry Tajiri Writes in 'Asia': American Democracy Moves To Correct Mistakes Arising Out of Wholesale Evacuation

From the Frying Pan by Bill Hosokawa: Spring Comes to Heart Mountain Center

Some Notes for the Nisei by Fred Fertig

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Wirin: Supreme Court to Review Test Cases

Nisei Citizens Organize New JACL Chapter. Magic Valley Group Organized at Meeting In Twin Falls Area

Santa Fe Railroad Wants Evacuee Help

Gila High School To Have Murals On Outer Walls

New Chapter Given Charter By District. Idaho Falls Will Be Host to August Meeting of IDC

Ann Nisei Says: Be Your Own Designer This Wartime Spring

Thousand Granada Residents Placed In Colorado Jobs

The Copy Desk

Boise Valley JACL Chapter Beings New Public Relations Work

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Evacuees Get Outside Jobs, Says Whitaker

All-Faith Association Formed at Rohwer

Five References Not Absolutely Essential, WRA Officials Opine

Poston Evacuee Honored by Red Cross

Vital Statistics

Farm Workers Pass Through Portland En Route to Fields. First Group Leaves Tule Lake For Farms In Eastern Oregon

Colorado Resettlement Council Holds Meet

Negroes in America: Isolation Told By Wright in 'Bigger' Essay

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California State Senate Acts on Two Nisei Bills. Judiciary Committee Approves Eagle Proposal To Forfeit Citizenship

War Veterans Organize at Jerome Center

Chet Maeda Wins Mention in A.P. Intermountain Poll

Nakama Aids Buckeye Swimming Team to Win National AAU Title

Ask Congressional Investigation of Blankets For Evacuees

Evacuated Farms Continue to Produce, Says WRA Official

The World at Press-Time

Start Farm Equipment Survey at Gila River

Kuniyoshi Will Be Honored at New York Fete

Mormon Church In Hawaii Increases Japanese Membership

Utah State to Spend $25,000 For Housing. Authorities Moving CCC Units to provide Housing For Evacuees