Title: The Pacific Citizen, Vol. 16 No. 10, 3/11/1943, (ddr-pc-15-10)
Densho ID: ddr-pc-15-10

The Pacific Citizen
Vol. 16 No. 10
March 11, 1943

Hawaii Nisei Volunteers Near Ten Thousand. OWI Says Hawaiian Draft Boards Swamped With Applications

Heart Mountain Alien Buys $3000 In War Bonds

Mike Masaoka Will Leave for Public Meeting in Denver

Story of the Week: Nisei Girl in Washington To Wed Navy Petty Officer

Sen. Chandler Holds Hearings in Phoenix on Bill to Return Relocation Centers to Military. Sharply Conflicting Views Voiced on Treatment of Evacuees in Arizona

Japan Wants Loyal Japanese Americans, Says Sen. Chandler

Abandon Iowa Hostel Plans For Evacuees. WRA Announcement Follows Opposition By American Legion

Two Volunteer For Combat Unit From Davis Chapter

WRA Reports 301 Evacuee Volunteer for Combat Service At Minidoka Relocation Center. WAAC Recruiting Officers Visit War Relocation Centers

Look Out, Tojo! Private Tojo Joins U.S. Army

Utah Senate Gets New Bill Against Aliens. Modified Measure Is Introduced as Substitute To Vetoed Proposal

Captain Kinoshita Called Up by Army

Nisei Evacuee Arrested After Return to San Francisco. Had Warehouseman's Job in Steel Plant When Apprehended

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Details of Plan to Return 200 Evacuees to Former Homes In Arizona Left in WRA Hands. Army Announcement Designates New Boundary Of Prohibited Area

Details of Plan to Return 200 Evacuees to Former Homes In Arizona Left in WRA Hands. Army Announcement Designates New Boundary Of Prohibited Area

Topaz Receives Hawaii Group. 230 Voluntary Evacuees From Territory Arrive At Relocation Center

Arizona Couple Visits in El Paso

Torrance Legion Opposes Recruiting Of Nisei Volunteers

Portland Group Opposes Bill To Deport Nisei. Church Council Sends Letters to Legislators Had Warehouseman's

Salt Lake Newspaper Lauds Governor's Veto of Alien Bill. Deseret News Editorial Congratulates Utah Executive on Action

Bainbridge Island Evacuees Transferred to Minidoka Center

CBS Broadcast Considers Nisei Problem in U.S. McWilliams, Hunter Defend Citizens' Rights In Program on KNX

Evacuee Labor Urged for California Valley Harvests

Timely Topics by Saburo Kido

Jobs Plentiful Outside Centers

Anti-Nisei Bills Damage Morale

War Department's Action Timely

China Watches U.S. Treatment Of Evacuees, Declares O'Brien. Must Act With Care If Democratic Principles Are to Be Preserved

Ogden Citizens Hear JACL Leaders

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Wakayama Case Dismissed by Federal Court. Dismissal Motion Was Entered by Counsel for Evacuee in Test Case

Senator Chandler Holds Phoenix Hearing On Relocation (Cont.)

Kenneth Murase Gets Second Prize in Temple Essay Contest

Ex-Gov. Sprague's Newspaper Opposes Move to Deport Nisei

Arkansas Gazette Opposes Law Prohibiting Nisei Ownership. State Legislature Has No Such Power, Paper Declares in Editorial

Japan Government Rejects U.S. Plan To Exchange Nationals

Secretary Knox Hints Desire For Evacuation. Japanese Americans Employed in Defense Work, Committee Told

2400 Japanese Hawaiians File to Anglicize Given Names

Dr. Yatabe Attacked by Gang at Jerome Relocation Center. Report Former Pastor Of Los Angeles Church Also Victim of Beating

Nisei Evacuees May Produce Million Feet of Army Nets Daily

Tsukamoto Is Ordered to Active Duty. Past National JACL President Holds Rank Of Captain in Reserves

Evacuees Arrested At Tule Lake Given Prison Sentences

Amache Representatives Attend Kansas City YMCA Meeting

New JACL Leaflet Presents Work, Organization Aims

Defense Counsel Named for Evacuee Charged With Slaying

Alleged Ringleader Sent to San Francisco For Hearing on Case

WAAC Lieutenant Pays Hunt Visit

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Pacific Citizen Staff

Editorials: The Tenney Inquisition

Hawaii Comes Through

The Red Cross Drive

Nisei USA by Larry Tajiri: A Letter from North America

The Copy Desk

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Future of Japanese in America Rests in Nisei Hands, Writes A.P. Man After Granada Visit

Washington Letter: The Shape of the Post-War Free World

The World at Press-Time

From the Frying Pan by Bill Hosokawa: Evacuees Do Their Bit for Red Cross

Hawaii in Print. Magazine Articles Tell of Nisei

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Calling All Chapters! By Teiko Ishida

Pocatello Chapter Holds Monthly Meet

Red Cross Drive Begins at Hunt

Ann Nisei Says: Center Wedding Can Be Lovely, Impressive Rite

Galen Fisher Urges Nisei to Volunteer for Military Service. Committee of Prominent West Coast Citizens to Be Announced Shortly

Americanism of Issei Given Tribute in Pacific Rural Press

Tule Lake Teachers Donate Books to School Library


U. of Minnesota Seeks Teachers In Japanese

Washington Letter (Cont.)

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Court Records Formal Opinion On Regan Case

Japanese Classes Start at Granada

Vital Statistics

Topaz Dining Hall Honored By 'E' Award

YWCA Maps Program Of Evacuee Work

Nisei Inductees May Visit Centers Inside Military Zone

Hood River Editorial Blames Tule Lake Affair on 'Mistake.' Now in Process of Correction, Oregon Newspaper Declares

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Canadian Nisei May Work in Logging Field. New Ottawa Decision Permits Employment Of Evacuee Group

Tule Lake Posters Advertise WSSF

Tenney Committee Investigates Nisei War Workers in Hawaii

Two Evacuees File Suit to End Agreement. Had Turned Over Money, Holdings to Four Men In Santa Barbara County

Annual Arizona Nisei Cage Tourney Starts In Peoria High Gym

Topaz Installs New Traffic Regulations

Yellowstone JACL Completes Red Cross War Fund Drive

To Get Food Via Washington

Court Upholds Evacuee Right in Wage Case. Judgment of $10,000 Granted by Court to Resident of Jerome

Salt Lake Ceremony United Shigeki Ushio and Momoko Tateoka