Title: The Pacific Citizen, Vol. 12 No. 146, 10/1940, (ddr-pc-12-1)
Densho ID: ddr-pc-12-1

The Pacific Citizen
Vol. 12 No. 146
October 1940

Six-Month Clause Further Clarified. Citizenship Lost Under Two Rulings. Texts of Sections 401, 402 Given To Solve Questions

[Photo] Leagues Aid in Registration of Aliens

Nat'l JACL to Launch 1941 Directory; Pacific Citizen Circulation Jumps to 5000. Paid-Up 1940 Dues, Subscriptions to Decide Eligibility

Leagues of Six States Offer Service in Draft. Acknowledgement Already Received From Governors

Special Christmas Edition, Services On Paper's Program

[Page 2]

The Pacific Citizen Staff

Notes and Comments

Mostly Personal

The President's Corner

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Introducing... Legal Forum by Walter T. Tsukamoto

behind the newsfront

Colorful History Lies Behind 1st Japanese In U.S. by Kay Nishida

[Page 4]

Nat'l Committee Reports

Endowment Fund by Susumu Togasaki, S.F.

Credentials by Saburo Kido

Constitution by Henry Taketa

Projects by Louis M. Oki

Appropriations by Fred Tayama, L.A.

Program for Next 2 Years by Tom Yego

Public Relations Suggestions by Giichi Yoshioka

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Highlights of Council Proceedings

More on Reports. Portland Leads in Sales of Pins With 56 Total

'Mums Decorate Prize-Winning Float

Membership by Bill Ishida

Constitution (Cont.)

Appointment of League History Body Suggested to Complete Work Begun by Teiko Ishida

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Convention Orator... Nisei Challenge by Masaru Yamasaki

Mostly About People

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'Dual Status - An Anchor'. 'You Cannot Serve Two Nations' -- SCDC Speaker

On Loss of Citizenship

More On Nisei Challenge (Cont.)

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Portland Gives Its All Toward confab

every delegate

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N.W.D.C. Fall Activities

Girls Assist Draft

Civic Duty Shared

Red Cross Fund

Remaining Program

Complete List of Delegates (Cont.)

Confab Guests

NCDC Novel Quiz Rally

Third Anniversary

Top Floral Entry

Coming Election

Halowe'en Dance

Political Meet

Nisei Carnival

[Page 10]

IDC Suggestions. Council Adopts 8 Proposals At Meet

S.C.D.C. New Members

Nisei Week Profit

Assemblymen Speak

Convention Reports

Democrat Chairman

6-Month Clause Clarified (Cont.)

Agenda Released For NCDC Meet Oct. 27 At Sac'to

Full Registration in Irvington Area Irvington, Calif.

Ritual Committee Report by Frank Ishii

Message From Nat'l Executive Secretary