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Title: Rin Miura Interview
Narrator: Rin Miura
Interviewer: Michiko Kornhauser
Date: February 11, 2003
Densho ID: denshovh-mrin-01-0003
Original Japanese transcript

[This transcript is a translation of the original Japanese text.]

<Begin Segment 3>

MK: What did you have for breakfast in the morning?

RM: Something like miso soup, rice and pickles in the morning.

MK: Any fish?

RM: We had fish for lunch or dinner. Miso soup and rice for breakfast. We made our own miso paste too.

MK: How about natto?

RM: I never had it. I don't know if my family made it or not, I don't remember eating it there. I had it for the first time here in this country.

MK: Do you eat rice with raw egg for breakfast?

RM: That's right. Eggs were the most nutritious food you could eat at that time, like when you had a cold. We always packed boiled eggs for lunch on a field day at school.

MK: Did you eat chicken too?

RM: Yes, yes. We ate chicken.

MK: How about beef?

RM: Yes, we ate beef too. We also ate pork and horse meat. We did. Any type of meat was a special meal.

MK: Did you make sukiyaki hot pot?

RM: Yes?

MK: Sukiyaki hot pot.

RM: Sort of. It was not exactly like what restaurants would serve here, but we had meat, vegetables and tofu in a pot.

MK: Did you make your own tofu too?

RM: No, no. We brought a pot to a store and bought tofu to take home. It is extremely cold in the area in the winter, right? We made dried tofu called shimi-tofu. Tofu makers make them, and we bought prepared tofu to hang in front of the house to dry. We let it dry completely and cooked it with rice. It was delicious.

MK: Did you make nori seaweed sheets?

RM: Nori? No, we bought nori. We didn't have ocean. Nagano Prefecture does not face the ocean. There are lakes, but not ocean.

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