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Manzanar National Historic Site Collection
Title: Art Okuno Interview
Narrator: Art Okuno
Interviewer: Kirk Peterson
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Date: September 1, 2009
Densho ID: denshovh-oart-01-0002

<Begin Segment 2>

KP: So you said your father then returned to Japan.

AO: Yeah, to marry.

KP: Was this an arranged marriage, or did he go looking?

AO: Let's see, now, was it... yeah, could've been arranged marriage, because that was the second marriage for my mother, and she divorced him because he was kind of mean to my mother.

KP: Did she have any children by that marriage?

AO: Yes, but he's, he died... oh, he's dead now.

KP: And what was your mother's name?

AO: Tei. T-E-I.

KP: And her last name?

AO: Okuno. Well, Enokiya, her maiden name. Enokiya.

KP: So your father went back, married your mother, and then came back to the United States?

AO: That's my understanding, yeah.

KP: And what, what was your father doing at this time?

AO: I think he was helping out in the pantry at one of the big hotels. He used to make beautiful salads and he was a good cook, too, as far as American food goes. Yeah.

KP: So that was in San Francisco?

AO: Yes.

KP: So are you the oldest of the children?

AO: Yes.

KP: And you were born in 1921 in San Francisco.

AO: Yes.

KP: Who came next?

AO: I had a sister, but she died in her infancy, and then I have a brother, who's living in San Francisco.

KP: What was his name, or what is his name?

AO: Roy. Roy Sadao.

KP: What's, did you have a Japanese name as well?

AO: Pardon me?

KP: Did you have a Japanese name as well as...

AO: Yes. I was Fujio. By the way, I, my mother told me I named myself Arthur because I was reading, I was very interested in the King Arthur at that time, so I said, "That's my first name." [Laughs]

KP: Nice.

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