Densho Digital Archive
Manzanar National Historic Site Collection
Title: Susumu Yenokida Interview
Narrator: Susumu Yenokida
Interviewer: Richard Potashin
Location: Denver, Colorado
Date: July 5, 2008
Densho ID: denshovh-ysusumu-01-0009

<Begin Segment 9>

RP: Now you were...after you evacuated from your community, you went to the Merced Assembly Center for a short time?

SY: Yes, we did.

RP: And you told me that you had a job in camp...

SY: Well, we were volunteer as a troop, Boy Scout troop, that we were trying to be helpful to the community. That the incoming people would know, at least know where to go. So we were the guides for the incoming residents at that time.

RP: You showed them to their barrack homes?

SY: Exactly, exactly. Yeah.

RP: And this was a troop of Boy Scouts that formed in Cortez?

SY: Beg your pardon?

RP: This Boy Scout troop was formed, or out of Cortez?

SY: Yes, yes. I think it was Troop 17, seventeen.

RP: Oh, seventeen. So you were a Boy Scout.

SY: Uh-huh. [Laughs] That's how come I love the outdoors. I don't like to be cooped up in town. [Laughs]

RP: Neither do we.

KP: Or in a motel room.

RP: Or in a motel room.

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